I’m impulsive and I’ll be the first to admit it, after my mother, of course. Why do I have geese? Why did I want geese? I DON’T KNOW! Maybe it was something I read a while back about them being good watch dogs. Since I don’t want a dog, well I do, but I’m not getting one, but I needed a dog-like alarm for when I get visitors on the property. I’ve learned that people I NC pull all the way up the driveway and get out of their cars, trucks really, and start looking around at my animals. It’s startling to come around the corner and see people when I didn’t hear anything. So, I impulsively ordered 6 goslings from Metzers farm. The plan was to sell eggs and hatch to sell as meat. And that’s still the plan. But what I didn’t know is that I would fall completely in love with them, The Naughties. They are like 6 3yr olds and they are hilarious! They are bad, they get into everything, they are bullies, but… they make me LAUGH! I’ve watched them chase a sitting duck off her eggs and then sit. How do they know what a clutch of eggs is when they are so young? They own every pool, bully the new goslings, chase the guineas and untie my apron every chance they get. But they also rise up from a nap running towards me and start honking in happiness to see me!They also come when I call them, usually, just like toddlers. My impulsiveness paid off this time! I recommend if you have the property to get geese! Mine are the French Toulouse, I don’t know if that makes a difference, but I won’t have any other.

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